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Shunde Foshan District Yong Yong Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987, the main production process embroidery category of glass beads, using Italian technology. Produced by more than 300 varieties of glass beads, is currently the highest production of glass beads technology, the best quality, Asia's largest wholly-owned enterprises. The production of the products are exported to Europe and the Middle East, have a certain influence in the industry, the annual output of 1200-2000 tons of glass Zhuda. The company also distribution of Czech water (hot drilling, tip bottom, flat bottom, hole) and diamond bead embryo materials etc.. The company management tenet is "quality first, reputation first", responsible for the product, and be responsible to the customer. Welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit the company's website, fully understand the company's products, and to visit our company and negotiate.